Hello my name is Emily Bagg! I am a spunky Senior Advertising major with a minor in Graphic Design and a Concentration in Human Behavior at Drake University. When I’m not at the gym or cooped up in the library I enjoy trying new breweries, volunteering on Fridays and going to fun sorority events! I like donuts and pandas more than anything on this earth.

I’m a Chicago girl at heart but Des Moines has begun to grow on me. I grew up in Deerfield Illinois with my younger brother Eric and older sister Sara.

I have loved art and design since I can remember. As a child all I ever wanted to do was arts and crafts, I took countless art summer camps and my passions continued throughout high school. My love for the arts stretches farther than pencil and paper, though. I was a competitive dancer in high school and went on to be best in show for a regional performance.

Advertising is an ever changing field. It deserves a fresh perspective and a strong creative eye. Good advertising keeps consumers from changing the channel, great advertising motivates consumers to act on purchasing the product.
I have had the professional experience being a graphic design intern for Fortress Consulting group and have had the chance to do logo design, creating print advertisements, writing blog posts geared toward generating SEO for clients, and much more. I have worked as recruitment and social media chair for the MEDLIFE organization Drake University chapter creating promotional advertisements, managing a committee, keeping our social media up to date and reaching out to local businesses for sponsorship and donations. I have also had the opportunity to be a video marketing intern and University Ambassador. This Internship taught me a lot about video editing and filming and enhanced my creative intuition. Lastly, this past December I was elected to be the Art Director for the Drake University Advertising Club and Agency. I am in charge of organizing a team of designers and aiding in the creative development for our clients.
Drake’s curriculum is rigorous and geared towards real life experience in the world of professional advertising. Courses such as Strategic Message Design, Advertising Copy write, Visual Communications, Behavioral Psychology and much more have shaped me to communicate, design and present my work in a professional and high quality manor.

I am excited to be graduating in May of 2017 and look forward to the next chapter in my life. Explore my website and learn more about me! For additional portfolio imagery please check out my Wix Website.

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